Itrue X3 Dash Cam Review – 1080P Recording, Night Vision and More…

itrue x3 reviewiTrue X3 Dash Cam Review is one of the many products to pop up in the dashboard camera niche in recent years. The brand is well-known and highly-framed corporation in the automobile electronics niche. This almost retro-looking, very high quality camera has a range of features which make it a wonderful choice for putting in your car, van, truck or other vehicle.

It is a medium-sized dashboard camera featuring a variety of features plus great finish and a big screen in the back which is easy to view footage on and control the iTrue camera. Since the product hits the market not quite long ago, it has been used by many and is fast becoming one of the most highly recommended models out there. Exceptional reviews on Amazon and other online retailers tell you what you need to know about this product, it is high quality.

ITrue X3 Dash Cam has a flawless rating, and surely has what most modern drivers are eager to use. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to look through our full review, you should know that in summary, the iTrue X3 Dash Cam offers ease of use and is reliable, flexible, and comes with great design and video quality.

Keep reading, and probably you will get more info that will help you to make a better purchase.

Technical features

Below are some of the technical features of itrue X3 dash cam:

  • Full HD recording at 1920 x 1080p resolution
  • Emergency lock button
  • Accident auto detection feature or G-sensor to start recording when something happens
  • Auto ON/OFF feature
  • 6-layer glass lenses for an ideal night vision – this is one of the best night vision dashcams on the market today
  • Great quality wide 170 degrees angle
  • Unique WDR system
  • Stimulated stitched leather-style for a retro look
  • Endless looping so when the capacity is full, the recording goes back to the start, no need to keep changing storage cards
  • Reliable and easy to use mount to stick the camera to your dash
  • Use up to a 32gb TF or SD card to store videos – interchangeable
  • One year limited warranty

ITrue X3 Review – Pros and Cons

We are going to talk about both the pros and cons. However, at the end of the day, we’ve found that they’re mostly ‘pros’ – you’ll be glad you came across this product.

Sharp videos

It has excellent video quality, and can be comfortably used both during the day and/ or at night. This is greatly aided by of its video stabilization feature. Users are happy with it simply because both the night time and day time videos are really sharp and the clarity is excellent, this is something some of its competitors really struggle with.

Leather style surface

Okay, so looks probably aren’t the first thing on your list of criteria but it is one of the things that make it stand out. The look of this – it is classy. You can feel the texture when you are touching the device and though not the most important thing, it is still pretty cool.

Amazing Reviews

When you go to the internet, you will see a wide range of 5-star reviews and only a handful of lower reviews. The good news is that almost all these reviews are from verified users and / or buyers. Though you may see one or two complaints posted by previous users, every dash cam we’ve ever reviewed has some of these, and going with the majority is your best bet.

Extreme Value

Most users believe that this product is cheap especially when you compare them with other products out there. Just like we said above, it has all the things modern drivers really need making it good value for money with its more advanced features such as the sensors and night vision, this is something that you won’t find on cheap models.


This product is definitely a viable option if you’re in the market for a dash cam, and it ships in a package with all the leads you need, a car charger and even an 8gb SD card to get you going with your video recordings. The extremely good reviews online show that this is a great product and the vast majority of consumers have found that it works for their needs.

Do Dash Cams Lower Insurance Premiums? Your Questions Answered

dash cam insurance

Insurance is a legal necessity in most parts of the world in order to drive a car, and it isn’t cheap, especially for new drivers and in certain countries around the world, or if you have convictions in the past, you might end up paying huge amounts for your insurance and of course be looking to do whatever you can to lower the price you’re looking to pay. Can a dashboard camera lower what you have to pay?

New devices such as black boxes have been introduced by some insurance companies in order to help people out and give them an option to prove that their safe driving is worthy of paying less. Effectively the companies are almost guaranteed that those with a device in their car will drive more safely, and many are now embracing that with Dash Cams.

Some companies in the UK especially have started to offer a discount for dash cam users, making a dash cam pay for itself in just a few months in some cases. 10-15% discounts are currently what are on offer but expect the market to get much more competitive with big name insurers such as Admiral looking at similar schemes.

For those not familiar with the device, Dash Cams are devices that usually just fit to your windscreen with a suction cup, recording what goes on in front of the car, they’re good for recording journeys but have a functional use for giving evidence on accidents on the road, the theory with insurance companies being that those with one fitted will be driving safely.

How they Save You Money on Insurance

Unfortunately schemes like this are much harder to find at the time of writing in the USA, but I expect that they will begin to pop up. However, the benefits of a dash cam are many, and some of them can, indirectly, save you money on your premiums. Think of this scenario, your car is hit without you in it or by somebody who drives off, if you can’t prove who did it, or at least have a number plate, you may have to pay out of your insurance for any repairs or damage, so premiums can go up as a result of this and you have to pay out an excess on your policy. Dash cams in this way can prove your innocence, even if you’re not in the car (some will automatically film if there is a collision) and save you money in the long run, so even if you don’t have a policy which will give you a discount just for fitting your car with a dashboard camera, you can still feel the benefits in your pocketbook in the long run.


So there you have it. Discounts are available in some fortunate cases, but the benefits are clear to see even if this is not the case, and your money is safer if you have one to avoid having to foot bills which really shouldn’t belong to you!

How to Use Your iPhone or Smartphone as a Dash Cam

camonroadiPhones and other smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. Years ago we wouldn’t have believed we’d have a device in our pockets which could do everything from tell us the weather to checking the football scores and online dating to recording HD video. The stuff of yesteryear’s sci-fi is reality in the modern world, and your phone can even be used as a Dash Cam.

I should state at this point that it is never going to be as good as a purpose built dashboard camera, which will likely have more storage, better quality recording and features designed for your car such as GPS and external storage space such as an SD card, but for one-off use or as a stop gap, your smartphone can do a reasonable job.

iphone dashcamThe first thing you need to think about is charge! Smartphones and iPhones use a lot of battery life, especially when they are recording video. If you’re going to utilize this method I would strongly recommend you make sure you have an in-car charger or a portable power pack, and that you leave your phone plugged in at all times in order to make sure you don’t run out of charge, there’s nothing worse than your device dying just before you’re about to record the key moment of footage that you put it there for in the first place.

The other key point is mounting! Purpose made Dash Cams come with their own mounts which will clip onto your windscreen, and you need something similar for your phone if you’re going to record video on your journey. Remember that holding the phone probably breaks the law (it certainly does in many countries and states) so it is vital that you don’t have to fiddle with it. You want to be able to mount it, turn it on and forget about it.

There’s an App For That!

Our phones have inbuilt video anyway, but that isn’t what we would advise you use for these purposes. Our recommendation is CamOnRoad, an app which truly turns your phone into a dash cam and adds other features to it. Don’t have an iPhone? No problem, there’s an android version too, but what are the benefits of using this as opposed to just sticking your video feature on? Well, it has the capacity to record other details such as the speed you were traveling, how far your journey was, time you’ve been driving, and even has augmented reality options to the app and show where things like fuel stations are which you may well need whilst on your trip. It also has options to show where speed cameras are so you’ll know when you need to be careful on the horizon. I especially love the cloud storage feature, which lets you upload to virtual storage and not have to fill up your phone.

Okay, so it isn’t all good, there are some cons to using a smartphone as a Dashboard Cam:

  • It’s tough to use the GPS at the same time
  • It’s tough to make and receive calls at the same time which you may otherwise be able to do via speakerphone
  • Space on your phone is an issue, video footage can eat up memory and even with cloud storage you need to record it onto your phone first
  • Many apps need you to purchase the additional storage, which can prove expensive in the long run.
  • If you run out of space, recording might stop, and you might miss what you were originally looking to record
  • Many phones don’t allow for external storage such as Micro SD cards, meaning that you’re restricted to the free storage you have on your hard drive.

Be sure to know the ins and outs of how your chosen app works before you get started, as we all know how dangerous it can be do have to do this mid journey.

As already stated, this is a wonderful short term fix until you buy a dash cam or if you just need one for one journey. Not as good as a purpose made dashcam, but not a bad alternative either, and doesn’t require too much effort.

Image courtesy of camonroad

Garmin Dash Cam 10 Review – Pros and Cons of this Garmin Dashboard Camera

garmin 10Making their name as a sat nav and car equipment company, Garmin is known for its high-quality and robustly designed accessories and electronics for cars. Later on, the company started manufacturing dash cams among other car accessory products. The Garmin Dash Cam 10 is one of them, and we have a full review here today for you to evaluate whether it might be the best option for your vehicle.

The Garmin Dash Cam 10 is not, per-se a dashboard cam but rather a standalone driving camera with dash cam functionality. Since it functions perfectly well as a standalone camera, it can be removed from its suction cup to take photos outside of your car, for instance if you’re unlucky enough to have to deal with collision damages. Most users attach it on the windshield of their cars using the easy to use cup mount. It comes with a 2.3 inches screen where you can view your recordings on the go if needed, or just connect it later to your computer (or even other device such as TV) to see it on a bigger screen.

One of the things I really love about this dash cam from Gamin is the motion sensor, which automates the process even further. The camera automatically records once it detects that the car starts moving and automatically turns off once the car stops. It also comes with a G-sensor feature so that the camera recognizes a strong collision or an accident and makes absolutely certain to capture that vital moment and save it, this can be so important in the event of an accident. The camera has an audio recording capability too, catching every word that the people inside the car utter in case of accident.

Although it is really tiny, the Garmin 10 can record full HD videos at both 1080P and 720P settings. It comes with a 4GB memory card as well that roughly gives you up to 1 hour capacity for a full HD video. If you want a bigger memory, you can upgrade its memory card to up to 32GB or just use multiples. This product couldn’t be more simple to operate as well and you know that it is recording when the red light comes on. Easy.

The only issue that a few users have discussed on their reviews of the awesome dash cam is the suction cup. It has been known to fall off the windshield and in worst case scenarios even be replaced. Suction cups are very affordable and though an inconvenience, this isn’t a big problem.

The Garmin Dash Cam 10 weighs a miniature 4 ounces so it is easily portable and can be taken on your travels wherever you go. It stands at 1.4 x 2.7 x 3.2 inches. It actually fits in an adult’s palm and comes with a lithium battery to ensure the best possible lifespan. The battery life is reported to be 1 hour but it can be attached to a power cable (easily done with a cigarette lighter adapter) to keep it fully charged for longer trips. There are Gamin power adapters that you can purchase depending on the length of the cable that you prefer, but it is unlikely that you will need one. This truly is one of the best dash cams that car owners can buy, and a company built on their ability to help car owners.

Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam Review

falcon zero f170When you buy the Falcon Zero F170 dashcam, the slick looking package consists of a ‘Thank You’ card from Falcon Zero, a user manual and another instruction note  that directs you to where you can get the latest GPS software and ongoing support from the Falco Zero website and team. They give a cd with a software on it, but as with any software which can be updated for the most current version it is good to use the link. It has a lot of accessories and comes with a long power cable, a data cable which can used when you want to hook it up to your computer and you want to download the images and video . The GPS works really great along with connectors for all the cables. You also get a cigarette lighter adapter which is really useful and allows you to use it on the go (as you would expect) it comes with three inputs.  One of the really great features you don’t always get with products of this type is the generous 64 GB memory card which can get a lot of footage onto it before it becomes any sort of an issue with storage.

When you are in the car, with the Zero plugged in, as soon as you turn the ignition on it fires up automatically. The red and green light starts blinking means it is recording. There is a separate menu for resolution so you can choose (another useful feature) and the options are 1080P, 720P, WGA and VGA. Options for loop recording for 3 minutes and 5 minutes is available which means it would record video in blocks based on the time option you select. Once it gets to the end of the disc, it goes to the beginning of the disc and bumps of the first 3 to 5 minutes of the video followed by next 3 or 5 minutes and so on so it never stops recording. One of the uses of this feature is that when you have a 3 hour video file and when you look for a particular section of the video, it takes a lot of effort to search however when it is a 3 minute block file, it is easier to find and play back on your computer or on the cam itself.

Check out more consumer reviews and the current price of this model

There is also the HDR option meaning high dynamic range which is on by default and helps both stills and footage look higher quality. Exposure settings can be changed based on your preferences. The other options include Audio, Date and timestamp (really useful if anything comes up like an insurance came), Gravity sensing which is also called as a G Sensor that provides options at various sensitivity levels, Plate Number, Parking Monitor and Speed Unit etc. The GPS will record the speed and direction you are going. Night mode is also great for those of us driving in the dark a lot.

It also has an autopower off option which helps in turning the system off when it is not plugged in and charging up. If you want, it can even be used separately as a web camera and a photo camera. This may not be what you want from your dashcam but it doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, and if you want to record a road trip with friends for example you now have that option.

Dashcam viewer is yet another added feature – software which you can download from the link or install from the cd. You can just drag the recorded movie files onto it and it works just like any other video editing software – it plays with the recorded audio and the impressive clarity on offer from this model. You can also export the files with this ready for sending, uploading, burning or whatever you want to do. There are functional uses such as Zoom (both in and out) which also helps to view objects based on their proximity and can be great if you need to prove your innocence for example in the unfortunate event of a crash. You just need to plug your cam in and the software knows what to do, no messing around with confusing instructions.

The Falcon Zero F170 is one of the best dash cams on the market today, offering value and quality across the board and an artistic streak for those of us who want to be creative with the dashboard camera we purchase. Comes with our top recommendation.

Nextbase Dash Cam 402G Review

nextbase 402gNextbase Dash Cam 402G  is a top notch camera in the market. The price of the product is high but it promises supreme features and full satisfaction. Since this dashboard camera is recommended for professionals, not many new users opt for it. However, if you want to settle with one camera for the rest of your lives, we assure you that Next base Dash Cam 402G will stick with you no matter what. The product has not disappointed its customers and is rated quite high on several online platforms. Nextbase Dash Cam 402G comes with a free 32 GB memory card which allows users to record maximum amount of videos and images.  The company of the dashboard camera is known for providing customer satisfaction and by their Nextbase Dash Cam 402G they have made sure that it reaches to the customer. This camera has a GPS antenna connected to it as well which can be used to track down the entire journey a driver takes. You may always view it on Google maps. Users who have used the product believe that it has the best GPS antenna because it is durable and reliable. The camera provides accuracy in terms of identifying the exact location. Nextbase Dash Cam 402G has a 2.7” LED backlit screen which is also anti-glare. Users can watch videos and previous recording right then as soon as the video is recorded without the need to go home and view it from their PC or Smartphone.

Nextbase Dash Cam 402G will surely get you out of trouble as its sensors make sure that any severe or slight motion is recorded and detected. The videos can then become as a critical proof at the time when one gets involved with law enforcing agencies. Some users have also used the videos taken from Nextbase Dash Cam 402G to save themselves from insurance frauds.  Most of the drivers have to travel at night and this is the time when most of the accidents occur. Many cameras available in the market right now lack behind night video recording. Nextbase Dash Cam 402G, However will not let you down if you purchase this amazing product because it has a Exclusive WDR feature which enhances footage to provide the clearest image possible even during night or dim light.

Nextbase Dash Cam 402G weighs only 100 g and has an inbuilt battery which is quite an attractive feature. Having an inbuilt camera assures that there is a backup of all events in the car. Since the camera also has loop recording feature, drivers do not need to get worried if their SD card is full. The camera automatically overwrites the earliest videos and continues recording.

If you are planning to purchase the product, we recommend that you buy it either from EBay or These both online retailers are providing attractive discounts and shipment offers to their customers.  Although the Nextbase Dash Cam 402G is a little costly, the specifications of the camera make sure that the money doesn’t go to waste and value is not compromised.

Black Box SM1000 Dash Cam Review

black box sm1000So, with the invention of Dash cams in recent years, insurance premiums have come down in many cases, and we are all driving a bit smarter. So it was only a matter of time before a ‘smart’ version has come onto the market. Somewhere between phone/tablet and dash cam/gps, this is a really amazing device which will enhance your drive in all sorts of ways, and may well be the very best model on the market at the moment. So without further ado, our full Black Box SM1000 review.

Check the current price and further reviews on Amazon

The SM1000 is a car DVR integrated into a replacement rearview mirror produced by Black Box Cams. They have released several dashcams however this one is special because of the smart value that it offers. It is quite nicely packaged and quite a large box and has to be that way because it has to fill the replacement rear view mirror.

It comes with Android 4.4  with wifi powered by 3G. With Blackbox SM1000, the system is integrated with GPS with complete google map navigation and waze map navigation. By the way, you need to have an activated mobile SIM if you want 3G to be activated. It also has the feature to automatically dim the screen to enable complete mirror reflection which is to make sure you do not get distracted and also ensure safety while driving.

It is very easy to install without any hassles because it can easily mount on your existing mirror. It provides a memory capacity if 4 GB. Additionally it includes a 16 GB SD card and also support for 32 GN SD Card. The fine looking 5” touchscreen, is supplemented by High Definition display with full HD resolution.

It has an MTK Quad Core process – 1.3 GHz. The menus are very clearly laid out and pretty easy to navigate. Usually a soft press on the button helps to dim the screen and a hard press helps to switch it off.

Generally when it is filming on a bright sunny day at HD, it was very nice and clear not dropping frames or experiencing any other problems. Once concern I faced though is the sound quality was not ‘studio quality’ however you couldn’t say it was bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Another day when it was raining, I tried to film again. Some images were not very clear however it was doing a quality job at full HD resolution. As it got little darker during later part of the evening the camera still continued to do a decent job. Since it has the WDR Night Vision feature, the pictures and videos came out great in darkness as well.

Since I drove for quite a long distance, I had the opportunity to drive the car on different road conditions which helped to determine the video stability. Since the mount was extremely rigid, the quality of the video was also very good.

It has Bluetooth feature that enables hands free calls while driving. The FM Transmitter that was inbuilt also helped to listen to radio and relax while driving.

The 2000MAH Internal Battery enables the unit to work for 4 to 5 hours continuously when it has been fully charged. Most importantly it has the G-Sensor feature that allows the file being recorded to be locked and protected so that it not overwritten or deleted. It also has the CVBS Reversing Video Input feature.

This product comes with a one year warranty which is also inclusive of support. Overall the Black Box SM1000 is a smart buy for smart users and does everything you’d need from a dashboard camera, perfect if you have an unfortunate accident or just want all of the high tech features mentioned above.

Ausdom AD118 Dash Cam Review

ausdom 118The Ausdom AD118 Dashcam is one of the most compact and coolest dashcams you are likely to see, it is available at a really reasonable price considering its features and is sure to meet your needs. It comes with an instruction booklet (as you might expect), car charger and a super long micro usb cord. There are two different kinds of ‘mouth’ for attaching this, a dash mouth with a sticky tab and the suction cup mouth which has an interesting lock mechanism and far more easier to use. All you have to do is just twist it and lock it.

Check the current price of the product on amazon

This camera is pretty straightforward to use with a 120 degree viewing angle. You can use adjust it to ensure it faces inside the car or to face the road ahead of you depending on what you’re looking to record. It comes with WDR – Wide dynamic range option designed to produce clearer images in varying light conditions. It has a creative rotatable lens design. On one side you can see the microUSD Slot and the HDMI slot. And the other side you have power, microUSD and reset options.

When you turn it on, just like a typical dashcam you have different settings and options. When you click the first button it leads to a numerous options such as recording resolution, loop recording, motion detection, record audio, automatic LCD On/Off, Autpower, Capture, Photosize, Quality, White balance, Color, Exposure, ISO, Fill Light, Frequency, Protect, Delete, Volume, Language, Beep sound, TV Mode, Date/Time stamp, Format, Defect setting, Version etc.

When you are back on the main menu, the second button leads to storage files where you can see the different files that you have already saved from previous recordings. There are other buttons, one for still photographs and one to take videos. The last button is used to start recording videos and you have to press the same button to stop the recording.

There is another button to turn the lights on in the camera. Picture quality in this camera is wonderful especially the 1080P option. Both 1080P and 720P pictures provides 30 frames per second, not going to shoot any hollywood movies perhaps but truly excellent quality for capturing your journeys or any incidents within.

Additional features include Microphone, Zoom in and zoom out. Clicking the SOS button on the left hand side of the unit tells the device to save the last couple of minutes of your video. This may prove useful to you especially when you get into car accidents or when you actually need to save something very important. It also has a lock protection feature that would avoid an unwanted overwrite of that that particular section of the video.

When you experience this unit while you are actually driving, the suction mouth holds the camera firm even on bumpy road conditions. All the options are touchscreen based and overall the unit itself is very touchy to turn it on and off. Night vision enables two little lights in your unit however you need to be closer to the unit for better image clarity and viewing. Generally, the outer make of this product is more suited to less hotter conditions. This is a pretty cool device and ranks up there with the best dash cams on the market, certainly at the price point.

Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam Review

vivitarVivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam is a great example of a modern dashboard camera which has a two inch Preview screen and comes with a pretty impressive five Mega pixels x 1944 resolution. This amazing camera comes with a USB cable and also a mount for helmet and bike so can be used for more than just the purpose we focus on here on the site. Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam is a great product and users have discussed its size quite a lot. The first thing one notices about this cam is its size. Without measuring the water proof case, the size of the camera is just 2.75 inches wide. The screen is of 2” which is tiny and makes carrying and viewing a lot easier for the user.

Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam has a durable battery that can stay up to 6 hours and record continuously. The whole idea of having a dash cam is to make your driving easier and safer for the driver as well as provide protection. Vivitar’s Cam can record videos at the time of an unfortunate event such as collisions. This Video can then be shown to relevant vehicle or law enforcement agencies and helps reduce insurance premiums or win a conviction if that is what is required. 

If you are looking for the perfect travel companion, then Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam is surely the one. It is one of the finest cameras that can capture any incident and accident with perfection. The angle of the camera is wide which helps in capturing better quality and quantity videos. Since this camera has an added feature of GPS, users can locate their location at whatever section of the video. In order to keep the drivers safe, the company has made sure that the camera comes with a speed alert function which keeps monitoring speed really easy.  Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam also has basic functions such as loop recording.  Loop recording is an extremely useful feature which avoids using crazy amounts of storage but also means you wont miss any important details or events.

Users who have purchased this product consider it as the best dash camera in the market right now. Although the price of the camera is a little less, the company assures that it delivers the best quality.  Several users have reviewed Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam image quality really high. They further claim that Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam can record sounds especially conversations in the car really well.

So far the reviews of Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam are really positive on many online platforms. This camera can assure drivers excellent image quality during the day and night. Most importantly, this truly is one of those products that offer value for money.

If you wish to purchase a SD card with Vivitar DVR926HD Dash Cam then we highly recommend that you should opt for a reliable and verified source. After the purchase of another SD card, make sure it is formatted and all ready to go.

Vivitar DVR926HD is a great security camera and should be taken in that sense only, it won’t shoot any hollywood movies but does more than enough for most of our purposes.  The best dash cam is such which promises customer satisfaction and exceed s customer expectations. This is what this particular Dash Cam is all about.